heating and hot water gas boilers .

we are exclusive agents for UNICAL boilers in the Jordanian market , together we were the first to establish the business of LPG gas boilers for all sectors : industrial , commercial , residential , hospitals and universities .

we have more than 7000 installed LPG boilers in the Jordanian market , we also provide after sales and maintenance services .

we have also converted tens of facilities from working on light oil to LPG .

 Industrial & commercial burners .
representing ariston thermo group ( ECOFLAM&ElCO ) in the Jordanian market and the region , we can supply the perfect solution for the required application .
regardless of the type of fuel you are burning ; LPG , natural gas , light oil , heavy oil , hydrogen , Kerosene we can supply the most convenient solution .


 Solar thermal hot water and heating support systems
You want the sun to supply your household , factory , hospital , hotel or any type of facility with hot water and additionally provide space heating support? For this scenario the solar space heating systems from Dalil are your best choice. Consisting of solar collectors, a solar circulator unit, an intelligent solar controller and a solar storage tank, your hot water and/or heating support system will integrate perfectly in all the seasons .


 Solar Pv systems

Rising energy prices, climate change, ecological persuasion or prestige – there are many drivers to switch to renewable energy. Tap into an unlimited source of energy and declare your independence from rising electricity costs.

Cut your electricity bill by half!

Our highly efficient solar power systems are more affordable than ever and makes them profitable without any government subsidies.  cutting your electricity bill by more than the half.

LPG & natural gas equipments and accessories
We help heating your home and business!
  • gas regulators & governors
  • gas meters
  • gas filters
  • gas valves
  • gas hoses
  • pressure reducing stations
  • high-medium pressure gas regulators .
  • monitoring & safety devices

Energy saving solutions

ICO -F Devices  Range
ICO F is Icopower’s range for reducing the customer’s grid losses, i.e. that part of the energy paid for but wasted by the system. Network losses are strongly influenced by fluctuations in excess voltage from the network.
The extra costs on your bill!

Grid losses are the losses of electricity
that occur during the production and
distribution of electricity. From the
moment it is produced in the power plants
to the moment it reaches the companies,
some of the energy produced is lost and
does not reach its intended destination.
Every electricity bill contains the item
“system losses”, which the utility company applies to the customer for the transport
of energy to the meter.
This cost is related to the amount of
kWh consumed by the Customer


Together with our partner Dungs We offer a wide portfolio starting from pressure switches to highly integrated burner management systems.

 It also includes mixing systems for air and gas as well as multi-functional controls for automatic burners.

Application areas include commercial heating of all types of institutions and industrial workshops. Our aim is to deliver the ideal system for each application. After all, the safety of gas heating systems knows no compromise.